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Finding talent in the finance and banking sectors has always been challenging. The regulations, processes, and requirements are constantly being updated along with the technology utilised by institutions. As these changes are implemented and technology becomes more advanced, not everyone can keep up right away. This then creates a gap between the industry requirements and the existing workforce level. To address this, a talent acquisition model that is efficient and cost-effective becomes a necessity. 

Fortunately, some companies are actively embracing these new concepts – not just as a means to cut cost, but also to enable a more modern, dynamic approach. This new model is centered on flexibility in talent sourcing and the partnership between organisations and their reliable network of industry partners. 

In identifying these networks and engaging new partners, bringing value to all parties is where HR Quest shines. Born from the energy sector, HR Quest is designed to provide workforce services across industries globally. In 2016, this vision was taken a step further to grow to fully support one of the largest development banks in the world, which is also the largest source of funding for developing countries. To date, HR Quest is on its 3rd year of providing services to this client, delivering and exceeding contractual agreements, providing a steady and improved workforce solution – ranging from back-office provisions to project specialists. 

With a revolutionary approach in talent sourcing, a continuously growing network of partners, and its strategic location in top business hubs globally – HR Quest is well positioned to become your long-term workforce solutions partner. 

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