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As one of the core business hubs in the Asia Pacific, Singapore caters to several industries and business sectors. This positions its talent pooling and sourcing in both challenging and exciting positions. Businesses and investments from local and international partners are ever ongoing, including projects in petroleum, petrochemical, specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, and mining sectors . These sectors are often faced with a mismatch in terms of talent. To bridge the gap, HR Quest is a fully equipped talent sourcing provider that offers an array of services. 

Furthermore, technology remains a fast-paced element in any project. Being on par with the current requirements and at the same time finding the best talent with the skills and knowledge is not always easy. As technology drives businesses further into the future, organizations and their people must be able to catch up. This need for renewed relevance is critical, now more than ever, as previously thought labor-intensive industry motions towards advanced technological manufacturing. Integrating this into the process of the organization and training its people to adapt to such adjustments is part of what HR Quest delivers. This enables companies to reap benefits such as cost efficiency, improved manufacturing process, and an increased level of productivity. 

With this, HR Quest is committed to providing organizations with talent fit for the varying requirements of the business – whether it’s project management, consulting, or plant management, to name a few. In its core are a dynamic talent sourcing model and a network of partners. The process of sourcing, recruiting, and re-training then begins as organizations now adapt to the times. 

With its years of experience, HR Quest has the confidence to provide the personnel perfectly suitable to the role – no matter how diverse disciplines are, including engineering, inspection services, commissioning, procurement, design, inspection services, sales and marketing, technical services, operations, supply chain/logistics, as well as health, safety, security, environment, and quality (HSSEQ), together with project turnaround/shutdown. 

HR Quest’s previous projects include: 

  • A pharmaceutical construction project from a renowned EU company, acquired the services of HR Quest for a specific phase, including manpower services and consulting, providing full support in mobility and localization, as well as attending to the business and regulatory requirements of the worksite.
  • A petrochemical plant construction project that covered workforce solution, employee training, and support in an EPC company as it embarks on its first project in Singapore.

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