24-hour Call Centre

HR Quest operates a 24-hour call centre that serves as a concierge and helpline, as well as a mean of contact for emergencies. The ready availability of a friendly voice speaking a familiar language prevents and solves a multitude of problems, and helps foreign professionals feel less alone in their new environment.


Taxation Advice

Our qualified consultants can advise your employees on their tax obligations wherever they are deployed, and offer valuable advice on how they can minimize their tax exposure during their stay. Grasping this knowledge adds considerable appeal to employees in consideration of long-term employment or contract renewals with your company.


Global Mobility

We provide premium ticketing, moving and relocation services for your personnel locating to and from projects. Every detail of a move is handled with care, from the packing of furniture and personal effects to the logistics of timely transportation and delivery. Both short-term and long-term accommodation can be sourced as well.


Local Etiquette

The industry may require our professionals to travel or relocate to an unfamiliar location. We offer induction sessions and courses to familiarize project personnel and crew with the everyday norms of living in the country of their work. From observing local festivals to table manners, we have a wealth of information to share with newcomers.


Event Management

We can arrange company events for a variety of occasions, including team building, celebration of project milestones, naming ceremonies and the farewell of key personnel. From catering to venue hire, invitations, T-shirt printing, awards and memorabilia, you can confidently leave all the details to us and enjoy the event.


International Compliance 

Aside from finding the right expertise for your projects, we are well-versed in contract negotiations. From human rights to environmental and safety issues, we insist on full compliance with international best practices and standards in promotion of fair treatment in employment.


Facilitation of Medical Assistance 

Medical services in the countries where personnel are deployed to can be costly. Furthermore, with a wide range of choices from public clinics to private specialists, decision making can be difficult. HR Quest can empower your employees with the knowledge they need in order to make informed and prudent decisions.


Training, Workshops & Conferences

With our professional team of consultants, we are qualified to provide first-class trainings and workshops/conferences for you. Be it in terms of localized training programs, domain-specific courses such as Rig Safety ProgramTM, HAZID/HAZOP MasterclassTM, or international accredited courses, you can count on HR Quest to provide the difference in delivery.